Twin Sourced Wine

Twin Sourced Wine is curated by Twin for Twin. These wines, which hail from all over the globe, are delicious in every way. They come to us from family wineries, industry innovators and pillars of the wine community.

Meet our Featured Makers

Cinzia Binda


From export manager to sommelier, Cinzia has a great passion for the wine industry and has worked as export manager at Casa Vinicola Natale Verga since 2006.

John Grochau


Inspired by the diversity of the Willamette Valley soils and microclimates, John makes wines that are balanced, textured, and expressive of place.

Cinzia Binda


From export manager to sommelier, Cinzia has a great passion for the wine industry and has worked as export manager at Casa Vinicola Natale Verga since 2006.

I feel like the mother of these wines that I created with the Verga family.

These wines tell a story of great sacrifice and enthusiasm, but with the wisdom of the importance of taking small steps and showing great respect for relationships. Cinzia’s mission is to communicate a production philosophy through the wines based on elegant and balanced sensations, clean flavors and consistent quality with honesty and passion for the wine world.

Featured Wines



Made in Tuscany, this ruby red wine with garnet highlights and an aroma of mixed berries is dry and delicious on the palate with a pleasant soft finish.




A fresh and light Prosecco with creamy, bubbly foam and aromas of peach, lemon candy and grapefruit. Perfect by itself or in a bellini, mimosa or champagne cocktail.




Opulent blackberry and rose fruit on the palate with pleasant spicy and woody notes blending perfectly with the full, elegant flavor and the robust body.

John Grochau

After racing bicycles in France in his early 20’s, John Grochau returned to his hometown of Portland, OR and found his calling in hospitality — and wine specifically. With more than a decade selling wine in some of Portland’s finest restaurants, Grochau plunged into winemaking. He spent a year in Sonoma before returning to Oregon to work at Erath Winery, and then worked alongside winemaker Doug Tunnel at Brick House Vineyards for four years. His first vintage as Grochau Cellars was 2002.

With Grochau’s restaurant experience, there was a natural progression as a winemaker to craft food-friendly wines that enhance a meal. Grochau strives to make wines that are balanced, textured and expressive of place. Inspired by the diversity of the Willamette Valley’s soils and microclimates, Grochau sources fruit from fifteen organic and sustainably-farmed vineyards.

Grapes are hand-harvested and wines undergo a slow, natural fermentation. Working with grape varieties with a legacy in the Willamette Valley – namely Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc – Grochau also seeks to showcase the potential of emerging varieties like Melon de Bourgogne and Gamay.

Featured Wines




Fermented and aged in stainless steel to keep the wine as fresh and vibrant as possible, with lees aging for additional complexity resulting in a wine that is dense and rich.




This is a wine for every occasion from a family dinner to relaxing in front of the TV. Take it to the beach, the mountains or the office party. This is your anytime go-to bottle. Drink up!




Crisp and exciting, sporting a lovely black cherry and floral nose, with tremendous depth, complexity, weight and texture due to the low yields of the vintage.

More Featured Makers

Nick Goldschmidt


Born in New Zealand, Nick Goldschmidt has been making wine in both hemispheres for years, and for his own Goldschmidt Vineyards brands since 1998.

Robin Daniel Lail


After co-founding Dominus and Merryvale Vineyards, Robin launched Lail Vineyards with her two daughters where they continue their passionate quest producing legendary wines.

Nick Goldschmidt

Nick Goldschmidt began making wines corporately and then transitioned to his own vineyards in 1998. Nick is hands-on from vine to bottle, and has a deep passion for single-vineyard Cabernet. You’ll often find him in the vineyard pruning vines or in the cellars crushing and racking his top wines.

Working with Twin Liquors has been an amazing experience.

I’ve been working with Twin for 30 years through my corporate, and now family enterprise. A truly caring and supportive team through it all. Hats off to a great partner in such a dynamic business.

Featured Wines




Ripe black cherry fruit aromas with black pepper accents. Shows juicy blackberry and raspberry flavors. Finishes with a touch of chocolate. 250 cases produced.




Zinfandel offers robust blackberry, anise and pepper aromas and flavors. Petite Sirah brings color as well as blueberry, plummy fruit with roundness and structure.




Rich and robust with aromas of black cherry, black tea, dark spices, and mocha. Showing ripe black currant, cherry, and plum flavors. Very smooth, soft, and supple finish.

Robin Daniel Lail

Robin grew up among the vineyards of Inglenook, founded in 1879 by her great-granduncle, Gustave Niebaum, who pioneered fine winemaking in the Napa Valley. Inglenook was passed down to Robin’s grandfather and then to her father, John Daniel Jr., the first to put ‘Napa Valley’ on his labels, pioneering varietal labeling. While Robin was not curried to work in the wine business in her youth, she was surrounded by it, and touched by her dad’s passion and focus on tradition and excellence.

After her father’s death, she began shepherding the remaining estate vineyards. Seven years later, she launched her vintner career as Robert Mondavi’s personal assistant, who became her mentor in the wine business. While at Robert Mondavi Winery, she directed the creation of the first Auction Napa Valley. In 1982 Robin co-founded Dominus with Christian Moueix, and in 1983 co-founded Merryvale Vineyards with Bill Harlan, where she served as president for twelve years.

In the mid-nineties, Robin sold out of her partnerships and her dream of creating her own extraordinary wines set flight in 1995 when she and her two daughters, Erin and Shannon, set out on their own by launching Lail Vineyards. Today, the venture carries forth the stories and patina of over 140 years of winemaking in the Napa Valley. The family continues its passionate quest to produce legendary wines from the blend of its ingredients, the land, the seasons, the team, and the spirit of the generations who led the way.

Featured Wine




Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 is dark ruby purple edges,

revealing gorgeous aromas of

boysenberry, black cheery and

blackberry puree.