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Our History

Born and raised in downtown Austin, Texas in 1937, family owned, Twin Liquors began as one small store and has emerged into a “home grown,” successful Austin company that has a unique and well-respected reputation throughout the United States for having impeccable team members, outstanding customer service, conveniently located stores, extensive selections of fine wines and premium spirits from around the world, and substantial community involvement.

The roots of Twin Liquors began in a mercantile store in the late 1800s in the heart of Austin, Texas, which was then Congress Avenue and Pecan Street (the current Sixth Street). Shortly after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the Jabour family ventured into the liquor industry with “Jabour’s Package Store,” which contained a liquor store, a drug store and a soda fountain that were all under the same roof. During this era, operating a liquor store along with a soda fountain and a drugstore was the trend. Competition was fierce after Prohibition, and there were approximately 26 liquor stores within a two-mile area. The Jabour family worked hard and by the mid-1940s, had expanded the business to three liquor stores and a tavern that only sold beer. In September 1981, this generation of the Jabour family decided to retire after being in the liquor industry for approximately 40 years.


In February of 1982, a new generation of Jabours began operating a small 700-square-foot liquor store at the corner of 7th and Red River in downtown Austin. This store was named “Twin Liquors” in honor of Theodore Jabour, who was one of the original twins of the Jabour’s Package Store.

David Jabour, President and Margaret Jabour, Executive Vice President

“We had great passion and foresight, and realized that an unmet market existed for providing the consumer with fine wine and spirits. We saw this as a challenge to expose and provide the consumer with this variety despite the prevalent belief held by most retailers at the time that the consumer would never buy premium liquor and wine” Margaret Jabour, Vice President. Although Twin Liquors began as one small store, the Jabours believed in relationships and serving the customer to the best of their abilities. This family philosophy ultimately fueled Twin Liquors’ great growth. From the inception of Twin Liquors, the Jabours’ vision for the company has been to expand the business in order to serve its communities in every possible neighborhood with personnel that share the owners’ passion and sentiment for the consumer and the industry. Twin Liquors began opening new locations in Austin as the city began to experience great growth in the 1990s. In April 2000, Twin Liquors acquired Dan’s Wine & Spirits, and in November 2001, the company acquired Reuben’s Wine & Spirits. Both retailers dating back to Theodore Jabour’s era could see the passion and excitement that Twin Liquors had, and they chose Twin Liquors to acquire their businesses.

The growth and expansion continued with new store openings along with companies like KP in the Hill Country, Spirit Stores in San Marcos and Sigel’s in Dallas seeking out Twin Liquors to acquire their businesses as well. Now with a family of 100+ stores, Twin Liquors spans the Austin Metro Area, ranging as far north as Dallas/Ft. Worth, west into the Hill Country, east into the Houston suburbs, College Station & Conroe and south into San Antonio! In addition to neighborhood stores, we also feature the Twin Liquors Marketplace concept stores. These were born out of a long-time desire to have a venue for education, tastings and community service while carrying over 7,000 different premium wines and spirits, from national name brands to esoteric and allocated goodies. Twin Liquors’ passion for the wine and spirits industry, along with hard work and dedication, embraces our company mission of striving to serve and meet the needs of our customers. All of our stores carry an impressive inventory of fine wines and spirits while still stocking the industry’s staples at competitive, low prices. Each of our stores has a special personality and excitement, and caters to its surrounding neighborhoods. The personalities of our stores are influenced by our high caliber team of members who consist of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and savvy associates. We hire team members who share our vision, and their passion brings innovation and creativity to the stores.


The owners take great pride in serving their customers and look forward to continued growth while serving and supporting their communities. With many years of service to the public, Twin Liquors is truly a “family owned and operated” business. The Jabour family has lived in Austin since the late 1800s, and is one of only a few families in the United States with industry roots dating back to Prohibition. Today, the Jabour family members are third-generation Austinites, and they are proudly raising the fourth generation of Austinites. “We believe that helping communities is an essential component of fulfilling the needs of our customers,” David Jabour, President. With that philosophy, Twin Liquors supports hundreds of charitable events annually. Passion was, and always will be, the driving force of Twin Liquors. “Our love and passion for the wine and spirits industry are the seeds of our growth, and they will always be the foundation of our endeavors,” Margaret Jabour.