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Maker’s Mark

Twin Liquors
4th Generation

Private Select Bourbon

Private Select

Our very own Michael, the eldest of the Twin Liquors 4th generation, worked with Maker’s Mark in Kentucky to create a special bourbon blend exclusive to Twin Liquors.

Behind the Scenes

Over the years, Twin Liquors has created limited release spirits in partnership with brands you know and love. From Bourbon to Tequila, Rum, Cognac, and more we have had the opportunity to travel the world, visiting distilleries and craft our own unique blends. The results have been wonderful and the Maker’s Mark Private Select is no exception. Blended by Michael, the eldest of the Twin Liquors 4th generation, this blend has been so popular that Maker’s is now producing its 4th run! We thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes. Let’s go!

Over 1,000

Possible Combinations Lead to
One Bourbon

The journey of this Bourbon began in October 2016 at the Maker’s Mark world-famous distillery in Loretto, KY. The first step in the process was lunch at Maker’s on-site restaurant, Star Hill Provisions because we believe that every good venture starts with breaking bread. After lunch, Michael began the first step of his unique creation. “I was presented with five versions of fully matured Maker’s Mark Bourbon at cask strength that had been specially aged with different unique wooden staves. Each wooden stave represents a different type of wood that was charred at different temperatures to bring out the unique wood flavor of each stave. The staves are like spices that add character and personality to the base bourbon.” There were five different toasted wood types to choose from and over 1,000 different possible combinations.

The Five Staves

Baked American
Pure (P2)

Wood Type

American Oak


Brown sugar, vanilla,
caramel, spice

Seared French
Cuvée (Cu)

Wood Type

French Oak
Ridge cut & seared with infrared heat


Toasty oak and caramel

Maker’s Mark 46

Wood Type

French Oak


Dried fruit, vanilla, spice

Roasted French
Mocha (Mo)

Wood Type

French Oak