The Right Tools Get the Job Done

My dad taught me how to fix things. Fix the lawn mower, fix the broken door, fix whatever is broken. I learned you cannot fix a lawnmower with a toolbox full of Phillips head screwdrivers. You need an array of tools that work in different ways, and you need to know how to use them.

My dad will always teach me about new tools and fixing go-karts. Only now I can repay the lessons, teaching teach him how wine and food can work together. He is learning and appreciating how many possibilities there are with the many types of wine.

Wine and food pairings can be difficult, but they’re worth the effort. When you make the right one, a good meal becomes great. My wife and I like to have a variety of wine on hand: light crisp reds, heavy rich whites and crisp mineral rosés. That way, if we decide to have wine with dinner, we can pair accordingly. What do you guys usually have for dinner? Fish one night, beef another, maybe a stir fry? Each one of those meals could be made better by a good bottle of the right wine.

Perhaps you’re unsure if wine will even work with your meal? No problem, we can pair beer and cocktails too. Stop by the Marketplace and we will show you around. We have basic rules for pairings or we can geek out. However advanced you want to make it, we strive to have a very diverse set of wine styles so that we may offer you the best tools for the job.


Cale Thibaudeau
Store Manager
Twin Liquors in the Hill Country Galleria