Planning Tips

Whether it’s an intimate cocktail party for 12, an elegant dinner party for 6, or an all out bash for 200, use these different scenarios or a combination of them to host a great gathering.

  1. Remember, in general people will have one to two drinks the first hour and then a drink every hour after—up to four drinks.
  2. Indoors versus outdoors will change the dynamic depending on the weather. And, an older crowd will skew the dynamic a bit more toward wine and finer spirits. A younger crowd might appreciate wine, beer and an en vogue specialty cocktail.
  3. Check out our bar checklist to make sure you have all the spirits and tools you need!
  4. Don’t run out of ice!

So, take a look and see where your party fits. And, of course, if you need detailed help please visit any of your neighborhood Twin Liquors where we can fill you in on the coolest cocktails and hippest new trends in wines!