Twin Liquor Teams Up With Great Women Spirits

From the Family Coppola

The Family Coppola are lovers not only of wine, but spirits as well. In fact, when the family gathers, the custom is to have a cocktail, or two, before dinner. They hope to bring even more joy to cocktail enthusiasts everywhere by crafting a collection of spirits as unique and remarkable as the women they honor.


Twin Liquors is proud to feature the newest products from Great Women Spririts. Find out more below!

Now Available at Twin Liquors.

The Countess Walewska

Potato Vodka

Neutrality is at the core of any vodka, but all fine vodka has its own personality. Maria Walewska was far from neutral, a strong and biased patriot. This vodka by Great Women Spirits has a lot of character.

Ada Lovelace

California Dry Gin

This award winning gin by Great Women Spirits pays homage to a 19th century woman of fierce originality and intellectual interests.

“We all know well the great men of history, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar & Napoleon and so on. I can think of as many women who distinguished themselves at that level in the fields of politics, science, mathematics and philosophy. So my choices & reasons are very personal.”


– Francis Ford Coppola

“You know why we don’t hear about famous women in history? Because the history books were written by men.”


– Eleanor Coppola

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Margaret & Eleanor discuss what it means to run a family business.

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Margaret & Eleanor discuss the origins of Great Women Spirits.

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Margaret & Eleanor discuss philanthropy and the importance of continued education.

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A conversation with Margaret Jabour of Twin Liquors, and Eleanor Coppola of Great Women Spirits.

The Great Women Spirits team share details about their new line of beverages

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The team tells us about the Countess Walewska Vodka & Ada Lovelace Gin.

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The team tells us about Agnesi 1799 Small Batch Brandy and Hypatia Ruby Amaro.

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The Great Women Spirits mixologist crafts some amazing cocktails.

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