Love Whiskey, Love Wine

Brown spirits are so diverse that they offer something for everyone. What is exciting to us is educating consumers so they understand they have options. If you enjoy Japanese or Irish Whiskey, which tend to be lighter-bodied while exhibiting good minerality we can steer you towards a crisp white wine,. If you like American Bourbon with its sweeter palate and heavier oaked finishes, you’ll love fruit-forward bold red wines.

We have quite a number of customers that shop both categories, but it’s exciting that that base is growing and the diversity of Whiskey is growing too.
We are looking to expand that as more and more folks are exploring both categories.

When you can relate that the whiskey language can be similar to the language of wine with aroma, weight, terroir, minerality and finish, it makes for an easy transition.

There are also restaurants now that are doing Whiskey and Food Pairings… something we mostly saw with Wine, making it a really exciting time for both categories.

In support of the Whiskies of the World Festival on Sept. 16 in Austin.
Twin Liquors will hold a Whiskey and Wine sale from Sept. 7-26: shoppers get 15% off when they buy a bottle of whiskey with one bottle of wine.