I LIKE BEER: A Twin Liquors Beer Blog

                Activities that seem to represent choices are often inert reproductions of accepted practice.                                                                                                –Shoshana Zuboff


                And now, on I Like Beer, we will have a little bit of your author revealing his character.

                I have been working up to this blog post for some time — trying to come up with a politic and comprehensive way to write it. Believe it or not, I have a temper; I can be a bit sarcastic at times, and I get frustrated with choices I don’t understand. So I’ve been sitting on this for a while until I was sure I could write it with a smile on my face.

                There’s a common advertising meme out there right now called ‘Don’t Be That Guy’. It’s used for everything from “The Man Show”-style humor to responsible drinking public service announcements. And I have my own ‘Don’t Be That Guy’.

                Let me run a scenario by you. Someone comes into our store and makes gleeful noises at our wonderful wine section. They grab a cart and proceed to select several bottles, dropping a good bit of money in the process. (Twin Liquors has the best wine prices in Austin, we all know that; but there are a lot of good wines here.) And then, before they head off to share these fine wines with friends and loved ones, they stop in our walk-in cooler…

                …and purchase a mass-produced, fizzy, yellow light beer.

                And somewhere the Beer Gods weep. Don’t Be That Guy.

                There’s a phrase I use when talking to customers about wine; I call some wines ‘Tuesday night wines’. They’re everyday drinking wines that go great with delivery pizza on Tuesday night. They’re inexpensive, tasty, and easy-drinking. Beer has its equivalent; beers to purchase in mass quantities for Sunday football or for by the pool. But there are better options, even if you don’t want hop-bomb IPAs or chewy stouts and porters. Here’s some ideas.

                Like your everyday beer a little milder? Try Trout Slayer Ale from Montana’s Big Sky Brewing. It has a great nutty, malty taste, a touch of citrus, and enough body to let you know you’re drinking beer. Better yet, it comes in a can for those expeditions to places where you can’t take glass. When it’s 100 out — and it will be, sooner than we expect — an ice-cold Trout Slayer will fix you right up.

                While it’s not out all year (and that makes me sad), the current seasonal from Brooklyn Brewing, Brooklyn Pilsner, is utterly incredible. A perfect balance of malt and hops makes this pilsner worth drinking on its own or with food. I admit it, I’m a shameless Brooklyn Brewery fanboy, and as far as I’m concerned, beers like this are why.

                Finally, we go across the border and grab some Victoria from Mexico. This amber lager is slightly sweet, with bitterness to back it up. Bonus points for the painted labels; I’m a sucker for little touches like that.

                As always, keep your head up, your lace delicate, your malts toasty, and your hops snappy.