French Wine Vacation

Enjoying wine on vacation is just about the best thing, especially when paired with a wonderful meal! But, how many times have you been on vacation and had an amazing wine that you simply could not find in the States? Or maybe you found it but it wasn’t quite the same? Well, of course it’s not going to be exactly the same because you’re not on vacation at home! It’s a challenge, we know, but with a little ambiance you can get close to recreating that experience.

Part of that experience is having a little knowledge about what you are drinking. That is a big part of why wine taste so great on vacation… you have a sense of where the grapes came from. When you are consuming at home try find a little history in the bottle, really think about it. I promise it makes a difference.

In our quest to further educate our guests and ourselves this October at Twin Liquors we are celebrating French Wine Month! We will have a French Themed Wine Walk and many weekend features focused on Bordeaux and Laguedoc. And with our great staff, all passionate about French wine, we want to help you find that perfect French Wine so you can re-create a vacation memory or make new ones!


Cale Thibaudeau
Store Manager
Twin Liquors in the Hill Country Galleria