Football Generations

My family formed the company CKC Graphics and Signs in the mid 1990’s. That stands for my two brothers Craig & Kyle and me, Cale. My parents have been running this company since then, and now as they retire, it has passed hands to a new owner outside the family. My brothers and I have all moved in a different professional directions and although we chose not continue the family business, we take the work ethic my parents taught us. We all learn something from the previous generation. That is the whole idea, right? And then improve upon what came before us.

This applies in all aspects of life, football included. And the season is almost here, which means, it should be cooling down. The team I root for is no stranger to “cooler weather”, the Green Bay Packers. Each year, they build on what came before them. I have respect for their attention to tradition and their work ethic. And, I can’t wait to fire up the grill and enjoy some cold beers and watch some football. Maybe even enjoy a bottle of Sancerre that my wife and I brought home from our recent trip to France.

We had opportunity to visit a few family run wine estates. It gave us the opportunity to see what several generations can accomplish. Vineyards and cellars passed down generation to generation. And, how to work a particular soil, or manage a row of vines. They are building on what came before them. Bringing in new barrels, or updating their tasting room. Adding vineyards or dividing them into smaller parcels to create more site specific wines. The passion and knowledge was easy to perceive while walking with them through the vineyards. Truly a great trip my wife and I enjoyed together.

So, what do you want to pass along to the next generation?


Cale Thibaudeau
Store Manager
Twin Liquors in the Hill Country Galleria