Explore Wine…Orange Wine

There is a long list of folks that work to get the bottle from the vineyard to the shelves. They range from producers, importers, distributors, restaurateurs & retailers to ultimately end up in the hands of the consumer. Each role plays an important part to form the culture of wine here in Austin.

It is a culture where everyone is excited to learn from each other. Whether it is a customer telling me of a recent visit to a wine region or a distributor showing me a selection of wine to taste and evaluate, I take every occasion as an opportunity to learn. Keeping an open mind is necessary to gain as much from these experiences as possible. Everyone has a story to tell and we all benefit when we have an open exchange of ideas.

It has been really fun to meet so many people along the way. The Austin wine culture has always been dynamic and continues to grow with great restaurants and retail. With this growth, comes a hunger for more and a wine consumer that wants to explore. In fact, just last week I had a few requests for orange wine which to the customers’ surprise we have! The demand for this is met by more distribution of great wines, beers and spirits. That’s where Twin Liquors comes in to provide the customer base with the widest variety and detailed selection as possible. It is an ever changing landscape out there, so stop on by if you are looking to explore or want to know what orange wine is all about… Hint: It’s not wine made from oranges!


Cale Thibaudeau
Store Manager
Twin Liquors in the Hill Country Galleria