Brewing Our Own

About eight years ago a group of my friends decided we wanted to brew beer. Pick it up as a hobby, learn the process, buy some books, get some equipment and have some fun. Anyone who has had a hobby, knows you can get in pretty deep before you even know it. Long story short, we brewed quite a few beers in those first years.

We tried some basic styles first. After we messed up a couple times we learned the two most important factors when brewing. Cleanliness and temperature. These two factors are crucial in order to track progress. Without taking extreme care in these two areas, you get results that are never consistent, and therefore, you cannot learn from your mistakes.

Cleanliness is important so that you are only working with one strain of yeast. If you have dirty equipment, the flavor you were expecting from one type of yeast, could be altered and produce flavors you were not expecting. Yikes! We brewed quite a few red ales, and if we didn’t keep everything clean, they wouldn’t have gotten any better. Lucky for us, they did! After brewing ale’s for a bit, we decided to venture into the extremely difficult world of lagers.

Lager’ing is a very detailed and extended process. This is where the temperature part comes in. If you make one mistake, you’ll taste it. But all that extra effort really pays off. We focused on low alcohol simple beers. Truly, I now understand that simplicity is more difficult than complexity. A crisp, clean and refreshing beer. One that was made by you and your friends, nothing tastes better!

Do you have a good homebrew story? Swing on by the shop and let’s talk!


Cale Thibaudeau
Store Manager
Twin Liquors in the Hill Country Galleria