White Rhone Peaches

As I sip my morning coffee I look outside my window and marvel at the bounty of our peach tree! It was only three years ago I that I hacked thru the TX limestone to plant it. Now I stand in awe of the 14 ft tree that puts out more peaches that I can eat and reminds me of the scent of my favorite white wine of all time, White Rhone.

Southern Rhone in particular has been my favorite wine region since I first had what I would consider my “a-ha” moment drinking a 1980 Chateau de Beaucastel from Chateauneuf-Du-Pape. This wine region has had centuries of popularity by some esteemed Kings and Popes.  In this region not until recently did I come in contact with the marvel of White Rhone wines and in particular the region of Lirac. This region is the oldest wine growing region in the Southern Rhone Valley. They most commonly use Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Rousanne, Clairette, Viognier, and Bourboulenc. These obscure grapes are not commonly heard of, but they make a marriage of utter bliss. With a succulent mouth feel of rich baked apples and lemon butter, solid acidity, and a nose of fresh peaches, honeyed melon, and honeysuckle.

As the heat creeps and I get ready to pick my endless peaches to make some peach pies, I most certainly will enjoy a bottle of Domaine Maby from the Lirac region. Thinking about your summer wine of choice? Start by telling us about your favorite fruits… then we can help you find the right wine that exhibits those flavors! Come see us!

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