Summer Memories

One of my favorite re-occurring summer memories was accompanying my mom to her favorite local joint. It was a great old dive bar in our hometown which has been open and running since 1934. Known for their cheesy nachos, fried pickles, cold beers and heavy handed margaritas, this place was always my mom’s favorite because “everyone knew your name” and the waitress who was there since I was a young boy still remembered your order by heart.

Two years ago in June, I lost my mother unexpectedly. So summer is a little bittersweet for me now. The loss is balanced though thru the annual July celebration of my wedding anniversary. From new beginnings, to tragic ends, I can say that these two pivotal women have forever changed me to become the man I am today. Over the years, sad or joyous, food and spirits have always been involved to commemorate both. I believe this is where my passion for the hospitality industry comes from.

I have so many memories of laughing with my mom and having great conversations with her over a plate of fajita cheesy nachos, her favorite.  So, now my wife and I have started a new tradition of our own, making an annual visit back to where I grew up in July, to visit my Mom, and uphold some of our traditions, we will toast to her spirit and good memories in honor of the blessing of life, traditions, great food and amazing drinks that binds it all. Heres to you Mom, Salud!

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