Orange You Glad for Dripping Springs Texas Orange Vodka

dripping_orangeMade using the zest of Texas oranges from the Rio Grande Valley, and naturally gluten free, Dripping Springs Texas Orange Vodka is truly one-of-a-kind.

The vodka, which made its debut in 2011, has been a winning product for San Luis Spirits—which also makes Dripping Springs Vodka and 1876 Vodka. The citrus-infused vodka is delicious and refreshing with a variety of mixers, including ginger ale, tonic, soda, or simply served straight over ice with a fresh orange wedge. An easy-to-make and popular drink made with Dripping Springs Orange is the O’Snap, which includes 1.5oz Dripping Springs Orange and 4oz ginger ale served over ice with an orange wedge garnish.

The distillers at San Luis Spirits hand zest the oranges used in the product. On zesting days the distillery is filled with the aroma of fresh oranges. The orange zest steeps in the vodka and infuses the spirit with the natural orange flavor. One of the best—and least known—facts about Dripping Springs Orange is that the left over zested oranges are donated to the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.

For more information on Dripping Springs Orange, or cocktail recipes, visit the Dripping Springs Vodka website or Facebook page.

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