Italian Wine is Every Day

Sandra Spalding, Director of Marketing for Twin Liquors, here! I have worked for Twin for 15 years and have seen many folks “grow up” in our company! Cale Thibadeau, who you know as the author of this column, is one of those people. I’m writing for him this month because he is off getting married. In fact, he is marrying a Twin alumna who I have known for many years. So, I dedicate this to them and to love! Salute!

Love is every day. So is Italian wine. Love is a grand gesture. So is Italian wine

At least in my world it seems that every time Italian wine is uncorked romance ensues. And, the great thing is, there are boundless Italian wines at all price points and styles encouraging you to set romance in motion every day! So, why not?!

Personally, I have found passion in pizza night paired with a value-priced Nero d’Avola or Corvina. I have hosted elegant dinner parties and added a touch of romance by serving Barolo or a Barbaresco. I got engaged over the Italian white Vermentino. It was not an expensive wine but it was a special bottle from a place I love. I had Italian wine at my wedding and leftovers for the first year of marriage.

And you can too…Want to pop the question? Pop an elegant Franciacorta! Want to celebrate a 3 month anniversary? Pop a Prosecco. Impressing a first date, but don’t want to seem too pretentious? Offer up a nice Valpolicella Ripasso. Generally in the $17-25 range, it’s like a baby Amarone but won’t intimidate your date. Or maybe, you do want to go all out? In that case, go Super Tuscan or Brunello di Montalcino. Need some help figuring out what to pour or figuring out what the heck I’m talking about? Go see your Twin guy, Cale! By the time this publishes, he’ll be married, so you can go congratulate him and get some good Italian wine advice!

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