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Drink Wine with a Stein – Headache Wines

Our customers have been increasingly expressing that they can’t drink red wine because it gives them headaches. “I drink a glass of red and have a screaming headache within minutes.”  Unfortunately no one really knows the causes for red wine headaches (besides over consumption!) but we do know what doesn’t cause them, sulfites and histamines. Continue reading

Beve Italiano?

Italian wines pair excellently with food because of their high acidity, medium body, and moderate alcohol. White wines tend to be crisp, while red wines tend to be firm without being overpowering.

When I choose to drink Italian, which I often do, I have three favorite wines with which I am almost never disappointed.

Arneis. This is a white grape that hails from the North Western Piedmont region. It’s difficult to grow and literally means “rascal”. It’s full bodied, aromatic and has some floral & almond notes, but usually is associated with ripe pear.  And, it pairs wonderfully with fish, asparagus and antipasti.

Nebbiolo. Also, from Piedmont this wine it thought to derive its name from the Italian word for fog, nebbia. If you like Pinot Noir, you will love Nebbiolo. It’s fruity, yet austere. It’s refined yet can be lush with fruit. And, as a food-pairing wine, it is a master. It can compliment a delicate slice of prosciutto or stand up to a veal chop.

Super Tuscan. These wines came about in the 1970s as winemakers from the Chianti region wanted to make wines that fell outside of the strict regulatory guidelines of Chianti. You will see a lot of them now labeled IGT, which means they are typical of region, with grapes likes Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and more. Simply put, these are Power-House wines that carry heavy fruit, tannin and oak; a wonderful match to a Rib Eye or a hearty lasagna.

Kevin Stein, Manager, Twin Liquors Marketplace at the Hill Country Galleria.

Drink Wine with a Stein

SteinBlogNot a day goes by that a customer doesn’t ask me for some wine tips. Whether they are looking for something for a special occasion or just an “everyday drinker”, I almost always have the same general advice.
First and foremost-and this is critically important with wine drinking-wine is a beverage of pleasure! If you are not having fun, you’re not doing it right.
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