San Antonio Woman, Cover Woman, Margaret Jabour!

Margaret JabourIt’s midmorning on a sunny January day, and I have come to the Twin Liquors Marketplace store on 281 near Bitters [in San Antonio] to meet with the company’s co-owner, Margaret Jabour. No sooner have I approached the sales counter to announce myself than I hear a friendly voice from behind calling my name. We start our visit by looking around the attractively laid-out store. “We like our stores to have a department-store feel, to be female friendly,” she explains as we pass appealingly arranged island displays in the front, a cafe-like tasting bar area, impressive displays of wines from different regions of the world, and finally stop to peek inside the Fine Wine Room…

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Margaret is a WOW Woman!

Her story will make you go WOW!

Margaret Jabour is the owner of Twin Liquors, a company headquartered in Austin, TX. With over 70 retail locations, the family business has quickly grown and adapted to many Austin neighborhoods. Her business practices don’t only involve the day-to-day activities that one would expect – she also manages to cater to the local community on a regular basis. From managing employees, raising two sons as a single mother, and being an active philanthropist….Margaret Jabour is involved in all aspects of her personal and professional life. She is strong in her faith and believes we meet people for a reason and therefore, must not take relationships for granted. Read more…

Margaret Jabour, True Texas Woman

True Texas Women in Austin  Author: Janis Turk  Photographer: Casey Howell  Issue: March/April 2014

The Hill Country tugs at the sleeves of two of Texas’ most magnificent cities, Austin and San Antonio, and creative people can’t help being inspired by the natural splendor of Central Texas. In this issue, we celebrate three creative and hard-working Austin women whose entrepreneurship and innovative spirit inspire us. With business ties to San Antonio and beyond, these women started small but went on to do big things.

Executive Vice President and co-owner of Twin Liquors

Please tell me a little about Twin Liquors and how long it’s been in business. Twin Liquors is a third-generation, family-owned-and-operated wine and spirits business that started after Prohibition. This year, Twin Liquors celebrates its 77th anniversary. The third generation of owners has expanded the business from a small store in 1982 to a successful company consisting of 75 locations across 13 counties in Central Texas. The company consists of retail sales and wholesale distribution to bars and restaurants. My brother, David Jabour, and I are co-owners.

Twin Liquors has locations in both Austin and San Antonio and in other cities throughout the United States, right? Twin Liquors has a unique and well-respected reputation throughout the United States. It has been nationally recognized for its substantial community involvement, knowledgeable team members, outstanding customer service, conveniently located stores and extensive selections of fine wines and premium spirits from around the world. Continue reading

David Jabour honored by Heart Gift with Golden Palate award



On November 9th, 2013 the Austin chapter of Heart Gift awarded David Jabour with the Golden Palate award. It is awarded each year to an individual who has shown great leadership and philanthropy to our Austin community.

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Margaret Jabour wins Texas Businesswoman of the Year

TBOYMargaretMargaret Jabour, co-owner of Twin Liquors, has been awarded the Texas Businesswoman of the Year, by the Woman’s Chamber of Commerce Texas. The TBOY award is the most prestigious accolade a Texas business women can receive. Twin Liquors is one of the most prominent liquor store chains in Texas with almost 70 locations throughout Central Texas and wholesale distribution to bars and restaurants, Starting with her generation’s first store in the 1980s, Margaret brought a fresh female touch to the liquor store by giving it a department store feel. She created a women-friendly ambiance with elegant décor, music and tastings. Twin Liquors has twice been recognized nationally as “Wine and Spirits, Retailer of the Year”. Twin Liquors is known for community philanthropy, donating to 500 charities annually. A single mother, Margaret runs the family-owned business with her brother, David Jabour.

Please join Twin Liquors in congratulating  Margaret Jabour!! Cheers!!

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Retailer of the Year: Twin Liquors

beveragedynamics6By Gerry Khermouch
Published in Beverage Dynamics – January 2010

Long known in the Austin, TX, area as an expansive chain of well-appointed beverage alcohol stores, Twin Liquors made a emphatic statement to potential competitors with the November 2008 opening of its Hancock Center Marketplace flagship location, in greater Austin’s Hyde Park district. The 15,000-square-foot, cutting-edge megastore, built in the shell of a former Old Navy outlet, has most everything a customer could want, blending a roomy, comfortable layout – accented by large granite tasting bars in center store and by the entrance as well as classroom-style enclaves in back – with an impressive selection of wine, beer and spirits. Continuing to highlight its chain-wide signature trademark “Twin Deals” promotion, which offers two bottles at a deep discount, along with a wide array of tasting and educational events, the new store drew enthusiastic reviews from customers on ratings sites like Yelp! One online poster noted the store is a “massive celebration of wine, liquor, beer and more…” Continue reading

Market Watch Leaders – Above and Beyond

davidmargaretWhen she’s told that Margaret and David Jabour are getting an award, Juliana deRosa, manager of corporate and foundation gifts for Austin’s Long Center for the Performing Arts, doesn’t miss a beat. “They deserve it,” she says. “We love them here, and we’re lucky to have them in town. I can’t think of enough good things to say about them.”

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Market Watch

1aTwin Liquors has received and continues to receive numerous awards and honors. In September 2004, on behalf of Twin Liquors, David and Margaret Jabour (the President and Vice Market Watch – Leaders 2004 President of Twin Liquors), received the wine and spirits industry’s most prestigious and coveted award, Market Watch’s United States Retailer of the Year. (Market Watch is the sister trade publication to Wine Spectator.) Previously, in 1999, David and Margaret Jabour were named one of the top retailers in the United States by Market Watch magazine. In 2000, Twin Liquors was named the Texas Retailer of the Year by the American Beverage Licensees (ABL). In April 2005, David was named the 2005 Who’s Who in Texas Food & Wine by the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival. In July 2005, David and Margaret were inducted into the industry’s prestigious Sky Ranch Hall of Fame (the industry’s chosen charity). Locally, in February 2005, David and Margaret were named the 2005 Honorees for Outstanding Community Service by the Austin Symphony for all of the support and charitable contributions Twin Liquors has given to the Austin community. In addition, Twin Best of AustinLiquors has consistently been named “Austin’s Best Liquor Store” by The Austin Chronicle for over the past five years. Twin Liquors is also a member of the renowned Wine & Spirits Guild of America which is an organization of the largest and most prominent retailers in the United States.