A Wine to Break the Tie

This year, not will my Father-in-Law and I continue the eternal competitive fight over whose premier soccer league team will be triumphant, Arsenal or Chelsea but even more important the great, hedonistic, mano a mano Thanksgiving Wine battle between us will task me with finding THE ONE WINE to give me the lead in our 1-1 wine score. Last year, I pulled a very close win with my 2012 Domaine St. Prefert Chateauneuf du Pape over my Father-in-Law’s 2004 Hewitt Cabernet Sauvignon. The challenge this year is to deliver a knockout punch with my wine pick, as well as revive a skill I have not used in 5 years. What skill is this you ask?

While dating my wife, I made a cheesecake from scratch (my mother’s recipe) for her family (call it a bait and hook for a good impression). Little did I know that this token to gain approval would become an expectation, namely from my Sister-In-Law, as she has threatened to take my Dachshund hostage (and potentially my entire Thanksgiving meal) if I don’t come through with the goods.

So, as Turkey Day grows closer, I will hit the books to find the wine that will give me the lead, pray that Chelsea beats Arsenal next go round, and hope that my cheesecake brings me great favor at the table. Come in and share your family traditions and let us help you find that TKO wine! Stay tuned to find out the results of the battle, the wine chosen and the well-being of Chico, my Dachshund.

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