A Bloody Revolution

bloodymaryrevolution400Bloody Revolution is a small company based in Austin, Texas, that officially launched in late 2013. Inspired by the quest to make a gourmet-style Bloody Mary mix, the owners of Bloody Revolution set out to shake up the mixer category and rebel against the boring and bland.

After a year or so of product development and research, Bloody Revolution hit the shelves in August 2013 with five Bloody Mary mixers: Original, Smoked Habañero, Ribeye, Pickle Zing, and Wasabi Ginger. Buzz immediately followed—customers raved that these new mixes were the best on the shelf.

But new fans of Bloody Revolution didn’t stop at cocktails—they used it to invigorate their favorite dishes, experimenting with all five flavors and loving the results. The beverage industry took notice right away. Following its gangbuster launch in Austin and San Antonio, Bloody Revolution will launch the rest of Texas in early 2014. With their original flavors and quality ingredients, these mixers not only spice up great cocktails, they fire up cooks in the kitchen. Look for all five flavors on a shelf near you—and start your own revolution!




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