Beer Styles


This is a large category that includes golden ales which range from mild, light bodied brews to English Bitter Ales.

Belgian Beers

These include some of the most individualist brewers and beers in the world.


Indicates a strong lagered beer.

Brown Ales

Amber colored (or darker), nutty and smooth.

India Pale Ale

More hops than a normal pale ale.

Lager Beers

Generally bright and gently malt flavored with subtle hop bitterness.


Wild beer of Belgium made with wild yeasts. Wild flavors that are woody, fruity, spicy and faintly smoky. Some include fruit such as Kriek (cherry) and Frambois (raspberry).


World’s famous lager made in Plzen in the Czech Republic. Golden brew with fresh herbal aroma.

Porters & Stouts

Dark and smooth with smoky, chocolaty character, these are made in both dry and sweet styles.

Scottish Ales

Generally less bitter than their English counterparts.

Wheat Beers

Most refreshing and easy to drink, but with plenty of flavor. Also called “White” beers due to the natural cloudiness.

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