Pairing Guide

See at a glance what food flavors go with which types of wine…and why.

Wine Faqs

Can I leave my wine in the car while running errands? Wine is a perishable product and is sensitive to temperature and light. It only takes about 15 minutes in the trunk or inside a hot car to cause leakage and possible heat damage to your wine resulting in a wine that is “cooked”. Twin …

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The Diverse World of Italian Wine

Italy is one of the largest wine producing countries. With hundreds of grapes, varying regions and styles, there is certainly something for everyone! Pinot Grigio and Chianti are the familiar power house names, that are classic and when well made with great fruit and acidity pair wonderfully with all sorts of fare. I love pairing …

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Pappy Raffle

Twin Liquors is raffling off the opportunity to purchase a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 12 Year Bourbon, a spirit so scarce it can be sold for up to $1,500. However, starting now, Pappy Van Winkle fans can enter our contest to have the opportunity to purchase a bottle for only $149.99. To …

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Easy, Tasty Holiday with Twin!

            Tis the season for spending time with family and friends. We break bread. We toast! We enjoy each other’s company. But, it can be hectic trying to get ready for the holidays, so we at Twin, like to keep it really simple. So, gather a few recipes, set some dates and …

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Cooking with Spirit!

At Twin we like to cook with wine & spirits! Check out our tips for #CookingWithSpirit plus some cherished recipes from friends and family! COOKING WITH SPIRIT TIPS Finishing Add a touch of brightness and acidity. When making creamy soups or gravies, add a tablespoon of Oloroso Sherry to finish! Simply adding more salt cannot …

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Did you know that Bordeaux is the most popular and largest wine region in the world? First off, where in the heck is Bordeaux? Bordeaux is located in southwest France roughly 300 miles southwest of Paris and about 120 miles north of the Spanish border. Bordeaux’s location along and near the Bay of Biscay (area …

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