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Byline: CE


                Once again, the Texas beer scene broke all previous records at the 2022 Great American Beer Festival  — and for the first time ever, the Lone Star State went home as the bride instead of the bridesmaid.

                After finishing second in total medal count in 2020 and 2021, Texas finally took the championship this past weekend, finishing with 49 total medals to recent rival California’s 47. While several recent newcomers to the Texas brewing scene contributed to the medal count, it was the familiar names that tipped the balance in the final reckoning. Medals went to classic Texas breweries like St Arnold’s Brewing (in business since 1994), Real Ale Brewing (1996), and Texas legend Spoetzl Brewing, makers of Shiner Bock (1909). These small breweries paved the way for some of the later winners like Austin Beerworks, Oasis Brewing, Grapevine Brewing, Hops & Grain, 5 Stones Brewing, and Thirsty Planet – all of whom added to the medal count this weekend.

                “It’s a long way from 2014, when Texas breweries took 16 medals,” said Duke Egbert, head of the beer department for 118-store Twin Liquors, based out of Austin. “I thought then that Texas had potential to be the next Colorado or Oregon, and I think the results this weekend really show that. For those who discovered Texas beer back then – or even earlier – it’s been one Lone-Star-sized good time.”


                Hyperbole? Perhaps. But the Texas craft beer scene is growing by leaps and bounds, and it seems every month brings us something new and wonderful to try. I’ve personally had over 250 Texas beers, and I can honestly say I can only recall a handful that didn’t make the grade. You owe it to yourself to try Texas beers, ciders, and meads – and there is no better time than now, during Texas Fest, at your local Twin Liquors!