2017 Holiday Party Tips

When hosting a party, from the welcome punch to the nightcap, I make sure that everyone is having a fun night… including I!
Your guests feel your energy so if you’re stressed in the kitchen then they’ll feel it too. This holiday season, don’t get stressed out, but rather, plan plan plan! If you do it right, you’ll be a great host and have a great time yourself.
Tips for hosting:

Think of your party in phases!

Phase One: The Welcome Cocktail! Pick one thing, like a punch or a pre-batched Manhattan that you can pour easily OR your guests can pour for each other!
Phase Two: Themed drinks that fit the party. If it’s a Mediterranean meal, have a nice selection of Wines & imported beers on ice. Or if you want to keep going with cocktails, have the bar set up for easy shaking.
Phase Three: Once most of the crowd has left, there are always the core group of friends that stay behind! Have something really special held aside for them, that you can pull out and share. Something easy, like a grappa or a special whiskey or cognac.

Be thoughtful about pairings

Wine pairings don’t have to be complicated but you do want them to be thoughtful. The main things to think about are weight, flavor intensity, sweetness, fat and how they play against each other in the food & wine, as explained here.

Quantities & ICE

In general people will have one to two drinks the first hour and then a drink every hour after—up to four drinks. Check out our party scenarios guide here!
Indoors versus outdoors will change the dynamic depending on the weather. And, an older crowd will skew the dynamic a bit more toward classic wines, scotch, vodka & tequila. A younger crowd will appreciate esoteric wine, craft beer, whiskey and craft cocktails.
Don’t run out of ice! If you’re molding Big Ice Cubes, make extra days leading up to your party. Unmold them and place them in a Ziploc.
Other simple tips:

  • Get yourself in the mood by having great music playing BEFORE people start coming over!
  • Have a recycling bin lined and easy for your guests to access, so they can toss their own recycling.
  • Have some canned or bottled water on ice within guests reach.