Black Eyed Peas, Champagne, Prime Rib & Resolutions. Some of these traditions I know about. Some I know less about. All are good. Some I visit more regularly than others.

The first, a Texas tradition, enjoyed on New Year’s Day, is to bring you luck. This is something rather new to me. I have never prepared it, but am always excited to join in on the tradition. Since living in Texas, my brother’s wife, who is from Texas, has made it each year. My parents are typically in town and we relax around the house filling our bellies with just the right amount of luck. I don’t have a wine pairing for this afternoon snack; so let me know if you can think of any!

Champagne, a world-wide tradition, has a long history associated with the celebration of New Year’s Eve! I feel happy enough that I plan on getting a great bottle of champagne to enjoy with my fiancée and some close friends to ring in the New Year, reflect on all we have accomplished and look forward to all that is ahead.

The third tradition is a family one…I think my brother started doing Prime Rib annually around the holidays about four years ago.  He always does a great job. It is a great chance to pull a special bottle or two, as the dinner is usually rather small. Amarone is a re-occurring pick for the wine or maybe some California Zinfandel. We adjust the flavor or cooking method each year slightly, because, why not! The wine changes, so must the food.

In January, when I take a deep breath…the fast paced holiday season is over. I may be drinking less wine but I will always crave new flavors. With the thought of resolution, I will go to the grocery store seeking out fruits with which I’m not familiar, trying to widen my horizons of flavor in a healthier way. What I am getting at is, there are so many different types of meals, styles of wine, experiences to have… Why not make your New Year’s Resolution to try something new! After all, at the Hill Country Galleria location, we carry around four thousand different wines. Come on by!

Cale Thibaudeau
Store Manager
Twin Liquors in the Hill Country Galleria

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