The Wines of summer

The wines of summer, clean crisp and bright, just like summer in Texas. And… it’s hot, very hot so we need something that is cold and refreshing. I turn to warmer climates in Europe for the summer wines that cool us off so well. Vinho Verde from Portugal, slightly effervescent clean, un-oaked and so very nice served ice cold. The white wines of Italy, Pinot Grigio is great, but so are the other whites of Italy don’t shy away from Verdicchio, Gavi, Orvieto and Trebbiano to name a few. Spain’s Albarino is a terrific pair for lighter summer cuisine, and seafood. White Rioja is an often overlooked summer wine.

Other options from around the globe, Torrontes from Argentina, The crisp Chenin Blancs of South Africa, and New Zealand’s aromatic and refreshing Sauvignon Blancs. We keep our cold box stuffed here at Twin Liquors so you’ll always find a nice cold wine to beat the summer heat.

Cheers, Y’all
Rich Doherty

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