The Twin Liquors Dollar Sale

Do you remember the excitement of not being able to sleep the night before Christmas or your Birthday in anticipation of the celebration? That is exactly how I feel when I wake up in the morning getting ready for the famous 3-day Twin Liquors Dollar Sale we host twice a year. It has now become the long standing tradition created by the Jabour family as a simple token of gratitude to our patrons for shopping with us for decades. And yes, you read that right we have stood the test of time since 1937; family owned by the third generation and now currently running 75+ stores from Waco to San Antonio, the Hill Country to Conroe and all in between.

You may ask what this sale is. Well, it’s the Black Friday of Fine Wine and Spirits. We bring down the prices to rock bottom and add a buck, hence the dollar sale. So, if you have ever desired to try that bottle of Orin Swift Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon or Balvenie 21yr Scotch this is an early Christmas compliments of Twin Liquors. Over the many years I have been a part of this sale I have encouraged our customers to come in early during the week with their Wish list to discuss what are, must haves for their wine collection or whiskey bar.

Being an avid Wine and Whiskey Collector, I have found the conversations thrilling with my customers around this time because what may not have been affordable during the year now is the perfect opportunity to not-just-wish but, enjoy. Nothing brings me more joy then to see that smile on my neighborhood customers after they have enjoyed a bottle of something bought during that sale and the anticipation for the next sale. But don’t miss it, it only last three days so bring your lists and let’s start talking.


Adrian Montanez
Store Manager
Twin Liquors Round Rock Marketplace

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2 Responses to The Twin Liquors Dollar Sale

  1. Matthew Ellis says:

    What are the dates for this year’s Dollar Sale? I’m very excited about restocking my wine supply.

    • Robert Marler says:

      Look for it later this month, or sign up for our email list (sign-up form at the bottom of the page) if you’d like to be among the first to know when the exact dates are posted.

      We look forward to seeing you!

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