Battle of the Bottle: A Thanksgiving Tradition

AdrianMontanezHeadshot2015_smThanksgiving Day: A day of celebration jam packed of smells and sounds and cornucopias abound. A time to spend with those you love in a day observed around good eats, awesome drinks and being grateful for all you have.

As enticing aromas created in the kitchen by my wife and my Mother-in -Law, fill our home, I grin with eager anticipation of the wine challenge my Father-in-Law and I traditionally embark on each year. Initially I used what I learned as an attendee in Twin’s 9 week long Wine Authority class to initially try to impress my Father-in-Law. Over the years, this morphed into “Battle of the Bottle”!

I would like to think of our scores as running neck and neck over the years, but it always depends on who you are asking! We don’t necessarily play by any specific rules, such as dominating knowledge, varietal, year, vintage, cost, etc.; rather, we just play for the sheer fun of trying a variety of different wines, voting on who brought the best tasting one supported by a convincing (sometimes colorfully enhanced, after a few glasses) argument.

Last year, when I felt I had the solid winner with the 2007 Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel (my wife’s all-time favorite), my Father-in-Law crushed it with the 2009 Orin Swift Mercury Head. I reflect upon these times as some of my happiest memories, as we eat, drink, and laugh to the smooth vocals of Astrud Gilberto softly in the background, and I look across the table to my Father-in- Law who gives me the smile of a challenge where everyone wins.

So, this season, wherever or with whomever you are celebrating Thanksgiving, know that it doesn’t matter what type of wine you buy or how expensive it is. It’s all about who you are sharing the glass with that counts the most! If you decide you’d like to start some new holiday family traditions this year, perhaps by doing a “Battle of the Bottle”, then swing by your neighborhood Twin Liquors, and let us help you get that Turkey TKO.

Don’t forget to tweet us your battle matchup and the winner!

– Adrian Montanez, Store Manager at Twin Liquors Marketplace Round Rock

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One Response to Battle of the Bottle: A Thanksgiving Tradition

  1. Adrian,
    Nice post! I can’t spare much room in my limited chances to enjoy alcohol for wine, but it always impresses me when people can be so diversified in their spirit knowledge! Good for you! Slainte! Catherine

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