As I reflect on all that was accomplished this past year, I marvel at how many people were there to support me along the way to success. I think back on all the Whiskey Mash up events we hosted almost twice a month and all the support Catherine with Austin Scotch Lovers gave me; our first unbelievable grand whiskey tasting organized by our Marketing Director Sandra; all the positive affirmation I got from my Regional Manger Matt and Vice President Margaret when I had my moments of doubt. I am beyond fortunate to have such a supportive and loving wife and her family by my side cheering me on through all my accomplishments and frustrations. Lastly, my unbelievable team for all their patience and passion to be the best team I could ever ask for. It truly leaves me humbled and proud to be part of the Twin Liquors family, and to look back on this past year and see all that we accomplished.

Another specials thanks goes to Al, who on his departure, gave me the secret weapon wine to deliver another TKO win against my Father in Law in our Thanksgiving Battle of the Bottle. The precious 1999 Pahlmeyer Red Blend showed a softness and complexity with which my father in law’s 2007 Smith-Madrone Cab could not contend. I marvel at the idea of inherited traditions and how much they have meant to me as I became an addition to my wife’s family. All the anticipation for Thanksgiving and Christmas I have come to enjoy and expect, but as life has recently changed for my wife and I, we now have the opportunity to create our own traditions and customs. As I sipped on some Ardbeg Dark Cove Scotch Whiskey while the last coat of paint dried and the last screw was turned on our new baby crib I look at my beautiful wife’s growing belly and think how blessed I am to have such amazing friends and family to create new memories and traditions, and the much anticipated excitement of our soon to be new addition. What will this New Year bring you and how can Twin Liquors join in celebrating that? Thank you for being part of our Family.

Adrian Montanez
Store Manager
Twin Liquors Round Rock Marketplace

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