Off the Beaten (Wine) Path

It’s summer. It’s Texas. It’s hot. You need something cold. You need something crisp and refreshing. You need a glass of white wine! But instead of reaching for that same old sauvignon blanc or chardonnay (as delicious as they are), try picking up something fresh and new to you.

There is a whole world of wine choices out there, so where to begin? How about a Picpoul de Pinet from the South of France? Hailing from the Languedoc region along the Mediterranean coast, the picpoul grape produces crisp, clean, citrusy wines that are the perfect pairing for oysters or other light seafood. Try the Domaine St. Anne Picpoul de Pinet ($12.99).

Moving west across Spain along the northern border of Portugal, we come to Monterrei. One of the indigenous grapes of the region which has recently seen a revival is godello. A bit richer than sauvignon blanc but lighter than chardonnay, the godello grape produces wines which are a great fit with grilled chicken or pork chops (perhaps with a mild chimichurri. Look for Atalaya Do Mar, which is aged for 2 months sur lie and features flavors of melon and slate with spicy notes ($12.99)

Feeling a little more exotic? Pick up a chenin blanc from South Africa. Chenin blanc can be made in styles ranging from dessert-sweet to bone-dry. For summertime, I like something dry but with lots of ripe fruit. The Riebeek Cellars Chenin Blanc ($11.99) from the Swartland region is packed with tropical flavors, but is balanced by a crisp, vibrant acidity. Enjoy with grilled mahi-mahi with a mango salsa.

So for your next picnic, dinner on the patio, or just an afternoon by the pool, get away from the same old-same old and go exploring! There’s more great wine out there than there’s ever been before.

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