Mercier Champagne, Welcome to the Party

The Eiffel Tower. Today it is seen as the symbol of Paris, a city sparkling with luxury, history, and romance. When the tower’s construction was finished in 1889, Paris hosted the Universal Exposition, a celebration of achievements from all over the world. Naturally the Eiffel Tower won First Prize, but what came in second will impress you as well.

MercierBrutSecond place went to the world’s largest wine cask, pulled by 24 oxen, and filled with over 200,000 bottles worth of the finest champagne available, Champagne Mercier! Historians may argue about whether or not it was the champagne or the cask itself that won the prize, but anyone who has tasted Mercier knows it was the champagne.

The moment you hear that mouth-watering POP! your mind wanders to the streets of Paris and an evening in your lover’s arms under the glow of the Eiffel Tower. The aroma of Mercier Brut is a balanced mixture of white flower petals and freshly baked baguette. The first sip’s fine bubbles wash over your tongue in a wave of ripe apples and pears. When your glass is empty (which, believe me, doesn’t take long) you are left with the delicious taste of white peaches lingering on your tongue.

Eugene Mercier, the creator of this extraordinary champagne, was a spontaneous and inventive man. He wanted to create a product that was as lavish and luxurious as the French Emperor’s lifestyle, but affordable enough to be enjoyed by the everyday citizen. At Twin Liquors, we are proud to share Mr. Mercier’s philosophy and are extremely excited to announce that for the first time in the United States, Champagne Mercier is available at your neighborhood Twin Liquors!!

So the next time you have a celebration, need a bubbly gift, or just because it’s Tuesday, be sure to stop by your local Twin’s and ask for a bottle of Champagne Mercier!

MercierBooneJames Boone Pilkington

Certified Sommelier

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