Battle of the Bottle at TWIN!

Some of you may remember my Thanksgiving article explaining my family’s Battle of the Bottle tradition. Well, after an overwhelming response from our Community Impact readers, people showed up to do battle right in our store! Not in gloves and mouth guards but with ready palates for interactive blind wine tasting!

The scene:  Friday night and the bell dings… “Let’s get ready to rumble”

The contenders: Kraemer Brut, French Blanc de Blanc   ($12.99)     Vs.  Natale Verga, Italian Prosecco ($12.99)

The fight started off overwhelmingly strong for Natale Verga with its fresh, lemon/lime zest. Many saw how it’s the perfect balance of value and versatility. You can use it as your everyday, inexpensive, well-made bubbles or as part of your Sunday Morning Mimosa. As the battle proceeded over time, the anticipated consensus started to slowly dwindle and shift in favor of Kraemer Brut. Its traditional French Champagne profile of crisp acidity, with undertones of fresh biscuits and Golden Delicious Apples, began to evidence why French wine making roots have undeniable long standing success and notoriety. Within Opinions, bobbed, weaved, swayed and shifted amongst the tasters, and at the sound of the twelfth round, it all came down the judges’ cards. Kraemer Brut came out the winner of the Battle of the Bottle by one point! Just goes to show, no matter who holds up that glove in the end, everyone’s a winner at Twins.

Oh and for all those curious about our family’s Battle results. We paired my 2012 Domaine Saint Prefert Chateauneuf Du Pape against my father-in-law’s 2004 Hewitt Vineyard Rutherford Napa Valley. While the Hewitt was awesome, the CNDP took the win…

We greatly appreciate the community active participation of this exciting battle and look forward to future battles to come!

– Adrian, Store Manager at Twin Liquors Marketplace Round Rock

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