A Stomach Full of Holiday Cheer

As the Christmas season and excitement of being with loved ones nears, the smell of fresh cut pine trees, twinkling lights and crinkling gift wrap fill the senses reminding me of some of my fondest holiday memories.

At the top of that list is, walking into my in-laws’ home as the aroma of pozole permeates the air. After settling in with a stomach full of what I consider holiday cheer, we proceed to the opening of stocking stuffers in the den. The crackling logs set the mood as Dad plays Tish Hinojosa’s Christmas album and our assigned stockings hang above the fireplace plump full of random trinkets. Upon unwrapping a toothbrush fit for an elf, I look over at my beautiful wife with a chuckle and I give her a gaze that conveys how nice it is to be home for the holidays.

After a slice of my mother-in-law’s delicious homemade coffee cake and freshly brewed coffee, we get to the real tree gifts. Inevitably, I venture off to find a tasty selection out of the wine cellar to present to my father-in-law as we relish in our acts of gift-giving. Eventually, as the smell of slow cooked Prime Rib teases us, we line up the wine choices of the night that have been covered on the dinner table taunting me throughout the day. Following a prayer with grateful hearts, and missing those that are no longer with us, we reveal the treasured wine selections and my father-in-law looks at me with a smile full of love and affection.

What traditions do you celebrate and what wine or spirit do you enjoy to make the season bright? Come by your local neighborhood Twin Liquors and let us help you choose the perfect beverage to add to your holiday cheer!

Adrian Montanez
Store Manager
Twin Liquors Round Rock Marketplace

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